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Easily import physical documents, electronic documents and document images via inbox, fax or file transfer.


Intelligently identify document types and metadata and extract specific data points from files.


Automatically send documents with encrypted data points to any ERP, ECM or other line of business system.

Automated Document Classification

Paperwise Intelligent Capture automatically identifies, classifies and extracts business-critical data from any file using patented machine learning technology. This application, used in the cloud or on-premise makes unstructured data actionable, so your business is more efficient, your insights more accurate and your desk less cluttered.


Easy Integrations

Paperwise Intelligent Capture is designed not just to identify, classify and extract data, but to also push that data into any CRM, ERP or other line of business application. The goal is to make document processing a completely automatic process, so you can get back to work.

Supervised Machine Learning

This smart application does more than just recognize unstructured data on PDFs, Word documents and other files. It also learns what documents are and the types of information you need to know. It will also make sure the data is accurate with at least 90% accuracy.


Repurpose Your Resources

This productivity application lets you give time back to your employees to focus on other key business tasks they don't have time for.

Eliminate Processing Errors

Human error is an unfortunate risk in any and all business process....unless you take the human out. This automated process makes your business more efficient and accurate than ever.

Real-Time Insight & Analysis

With Paperwise Intelligent Capture there is little to no delay in information processing, which means you always have the right information at the right time.

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