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The Paperwise document management platform provides tools to improve communication within an organization by providing a means to capture, store, organize, retrieve, deliver, update and dispose of documents. Paperwise employs a flexible and scalable architecture based on Microsoft technology. This allows the system to adapt to the individual needs of organizations, whether they consist of a few users or several hundred.

4 Steps of Document Management


Capture any type of document or electronic file from any source


Automatically index files using metadata


Find the file you need quickly using index values or full-text search


Securely save and automate the life cycle of your documents


The Paperwise document management platform is built in such a way that it is easy to integrate the database with most other third-party software programs. It allows for a consolidation of information that makes it easy for you to store, find and use your corporate data. Depending on the application, integrations can:

- Auto-populate index fields
- Send files to the database with minimal user interference


For companies in highly-regulated industries, information management is a critical component of compliance. Paperwise provides its own integrated security and does not rely on Windows security. Our security model is based on users and group permissions, file cabinets, and query restrictions enforced at the database level.  Access restrictions apply controls based on individual field values such as account number, document type, queue status or date ranges, as well. This allows specific security control down to individual document access.


Most organizations are very familiar with audits. Paperwise streamlines audits with the ability to quickly and efficiently produce evidence to verify the right people are doing the right things at the right time. With an audit trail of all designated activities, our software provides a clear illustration to auditors of the quality and compliance-related activity within an organization.

Electronic Invoice Processing

Easily collate and organize files within the Paperwise document management system. The software is built to identify key index values and automatically process invoices with the supporting documentation, which can then be emailed, faxed or printed.

Network/Workflow Scanning

Multifuction peripherals (MFPs) are standalone devices that scan, print and fax documents. The MFP application runs as a Windows service and monitors folders on a PC or server. When a file is placed in one of the monitored folders, the application imports the file as a document. It can also be configured to auto-populate specific index fields for those imported files.

Document Editing

PDF has become the standard for sharing and archiving files. Split, merge, add or delete pages. Add notes, stamps, or highlights to a PDF, fill out PDF forms or digitally sign a PDF. Convert any kind of file to PDF with the included PDF printer, or convert existing files to PDF.

Client Portal

The Paperwise client portal makes it easy to access, manage and securely share all your files, anytime and anywhere, with users inside and outside of your organization through your Web browser.