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Streamline Your Accounts Payable Processes

Get paid faster with completely automated, paperless accounting processes.

Take advantage of early payment discounts, avoid late payment penalties and improve staff efficiency.

Our AP solution makes it simple for you to verify invoice amounts to RFQs by automating the data extraction off of documents and inputting that data into your accounting software. 




Improve Cashflow Management

With an automated process, you ensure that you always know what money is coming in the door and when it's going out. Our easy-to-use smart capture application uses machine learning to recognize, doc type and process information from all of your vendors.

It then automatically inputs that information into your document management system, accounting software or any other line of business application for easy process visibility.

Increase Employee Productivity

By automatically processing and approving all invoices that meet a certain criteria, your employees are only processing the exceptions. You take away the risk for manual data entry errors, let your employees focus on resolving issues and easily identify consistent vendor discrepancies.

Integrate to your management systems

Eliminate duplicate data entry by accessing invoices and related documents within your accounting and ERP systems. Export data directly to Excel for even more flexible reporting.

Ensure security & compliance

Securely review, route, and approve invoices from anywhere, at any time, on any desktop or mobile device to ensure the procure-to-pay process is fast and efficient.

Start Revolutionizing Your Business Processes Today.

Built from 30 years of experience, our solutions are designed to save you time and money.

Learn more or get started with one of our experts today. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about our AP solution.