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Rhooster is a cloud-based platform that allows business leaders to effectively and affordably create, automate and manage any business process.

Tell us your 3 biggest process problems, and we'll tell you how to fix them.

Functioning business processes are the key to your success. When they don't work, you lose valuable time and money. 

  • Do your business processes keep your employees accountable? Are they consistent and reliable?
  • Does your business leverage technology to give your employees, vendors and customers the access to information they require?
  • Are your employees spending more time approving data than reconciling the data that's wrong?

Creating solutions for 417's business leaders


Questions we get asked

Rhooster lets you, as a business leader, create a digital version of any business process. You can automate steps, add your own forms and create custom notifications. It puts you in control of how information moves throughout your business and gives you the visibility to make adjustments as needed.

Because it's a web application, it can be used on any device anywhere there's an internet connection at any time. 

1. We're faster.

In short, your app already exists. It exists in fragments, but it exists. What we realized is that every business problem has a key set of common requirements:

  • you need to capture data
  • you need that data to go somewhere
  • you need to set up tasks
  • you need people to know they have a new task
  • you need people to do something with a set of data

Almost every business process uses at least one of these requirements. We've already built the functionality, so all we have to do with you is figure out exactly how you want to fit the pieces together for your solution. Because the majority of the coding work is already finished, we've cut out at least 50 percent of the time it would take to build a normal piece of custom software.

2. We're safer.

Because we work with clients that deal with strict federal regulations, like those that deal with medical information or other personally identifiable information, our platform was built with security measures in place to ensure your data stays locked away from prying eyes. 

  • Your data is stored in multiple servers across the country. We use a leading data hosting service to store your data across the country that uses three layers of security (from physical security measures to data encryption) to ensure that your data is always available, even in the aftermath of a natural disaster.
  • Your data is always encrypted. It is never stored as plain text, nor can it be read without a secure login to a specific Rhooster application.
  • Your data is never stored locally. While your employees are able to view data on their computers, your data is never stored on one.

3. We're integrated.

We work with the software applications you already use instead of trying to work around them. We've built integrations to industry-specific management systems and core business systems like ADFS. We do this to make sure that your staff can start using your new application without issue on day 1.


Any process. From a PTO approval to employee status change to a quality assurance process, Rhooster automates any business process. If any form of data needs to move from one person to another for any reason, Rhooster can handle it. It doesn't matter how long the process or how short.

We have clients that use Rhooster to set off chain reactions that reach into four different departments and clients that only need to capture data from their customers.

Pricing is determined project by project. Contact one of our sales reps at to get a quote.

Interested in learning more about our Rhooster platform? Get in touch today!

Don't waste any more time wondering "what if". We turn every day process problems into business success. Don't think you have a business process problem? Ask yourself three questions:

  • What process is keeping my business from growing even more?
  • Where is my communication with employees and customers lacking?
  • Could I speed up the time it takes me to perform tasks?