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Manage Driver Compliance

Ensure your drivers are following every safety standard and checking every box, so that you aren't found non-compliant.

Ensure Complete DQ Files for All of Your Drivers.

Manage your drivers' compliance to FMCSA regulations and your internal policies. From hire to fire, maintain comprehensive DQ files.

Key Benefits

  • Manage CDLs, endorsements, physicals and training certificates
  • Easily search and access files for review
  • Create automated notifications before expirations
  • Automatically purge documents


Maintain DOT documentation.

Stay up-to-date on motor vehicle records (MVRs) and annual driver safety reviews with automated notifications. Set annual reminders to schedule reviews and update DOT documentation.

Key Benefits:

  • Create an automated reminder to schedule drivers' annual safety reviews
  • Set up triggered notifications when documentation is about to expire
  • Notify drivers that they need to complete a Certificate of Violation (COV)
  • Store COV and MVR in driver files for easy access in the event of a DOT audit

Maintain HOS Compliance 

While ELDs may be mandated now, there is still a large burden on management to handle violations. Automating the process to review and mitigate the violations streamlines the process, so management spends more time running their departments.

In cases of violation, managers will need to review the violation to determine the exact type of mitigation needed: warning notifications, letters or in-person meetings. Our Process Engine allows you to create a process that notifies your manager when a violation happens, presents that violation for review and then allows the manager to issue a warning or schedule an in-person meeting quickly and at the click of a button. Because the process is conducted digitally, we can attach date and time stamps for each activity to create an audit trail.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline an otherwise manual process to manage violations
  • Create an audit trail of activities
  • Easily identify at-risk drivers

Ensure Fleet Safety & Maintain DOT Compliance

Vehicle inspections are one of the most important parts of your driver's daily routine. Not only do they keep you compliant with the DOT, but they can also alert you to vehicle defects before they turn into serious problems.

Our Document Management system archives all DVIR data for DOT audits, as well as internal use to diagnose vehicle defects. Our workflows ensure help you maintain compliance and overall fleet safety.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintain audit logs of vehicle inspections
  • Streamline vehicle maintenance

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