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Streamline Your AP, AR and Interline Payables Processing

Get paid faster with completely automated, paperless accounting processes.

Take advantage of early payment discounts, avoid late payment penalties and improve staff efficiency.

Our AP solution makes it simple for you to verify invoice amounts to RFQs by automating the data extraction off of documents and inputting that data into your accounting software. 

Improve Cashflow Management and Compliance

With an automated process, you ensure that you always know what money is coming in the door and when it's going out. Our easy-to-use smart capture application uses machine learning to recognize, doc type and process information from all of your vendors. It then automatically inputs that information into your document management system, accounting software or any other line of business application for easy process visibility.

Increase Employee Productivity

By automatically processing and approving all invoices that meet a certain criteria, your employees are only processing the exceptions. You take away the risk for manual data entry errors, let your employees focus on resolving issues and easily identify consistent vendor discrepancies.

Get paid faster.

Most shippers require a specific set of supporting documentation when you send invoices. Paperwise provides a one-click rendition process that automatically creates invoices, collates it with supporting documentation and prepares the packet to be emailed, faxed or mailed.

1. Get Documentation from Drivers

The largest speed bump in your AR process is the time it takes for drivers to send you their trip packets. We provide multiple options for drivers to submit their documents, so you can get to work invoicing your shippers.

Mobile Scan App
Our mobile scan app is integrated with your TMS to pull their load information, so all your drivers have to do is take pictures of their documents. It also ensures that the images are always legible with edge detection capabilities.

Monitor Email Inbox
Our software looks for specific subject lines in designated email inboxes to pull all appropriate trip documentation into our document management system that can then be sent off for processing.

2. Automatically Generate and Send Invoice Packets

With one click, your employees set off a chain reaction that automatically generates an invoice—either pulled from your accounting system or generated inside our software—and collates the supporting documentation required for any given shipper. It then prepares that invoice packet to be delivered to a shipper based on their preference.

How to Setup Shipper Preferences
When you create new shippers inside of our software, you're given the option to add configurations for the types of supporting documentation they require to pay invoices and the format in which they prefer to receive their invoice packets. These configurations allow for a one-click rendition process that sends your shippers exactly what they want, and how they want it. 

3. Monitor Invoice Status

Once an invoice packet has been sent, you're able to monitor the status of that invoice using notifications. You are able to configure automatic notifications for invoices that haven't been paid in a specific number of days, so that your employees can follow up. From there, they can resend the invoice packet or provide your shippers with 24/7 access to all of their documentation through our Customer Portal.



  • Automates the creation, collation and delivery of client invoice packets
  • Creates configurable client preferences to determine mode of delivery
  • Provides consistency to your shippers
  • Improve DSO by delivering invoice packets quickly

Grow Your Logistics Clientele 

Time is money, and we help you get a little bit of both back. From machine learning to automated notifications, leverage our technology to create an automated Interline Payables process that works for your company.


Simplify Your Resource Allocation

Our smart capture application automatically extracts data points off of any document to speed up your rate confirmation, accounts receivable and accounts payable processes. Without any human intervention, it identifies the documents that run through it, extracts specific data points off of those documents, validates or updates amounts in your accounting software and stores all of the information in any document management system. Our Intelligent Capture product can also push any document to an exception queue if:

  • It can't identify the document within your confidence level
  • One of the values is outside an accuracy level you permit

It allows your employees to refocus their time and energy on the exceptions, while we take care of the rest.

Create a Rules-Based Process

Our Process Engine allows you to automate any business process. Within your Interline Payables process, it can automate rate confirmations and invoice approvals and ensure that money comes in the door before it goes out. Not only does it manage the process when everything runs smooth, but it can also set you up to handle the contingencies. Rules-based processes help you dictate what to do when:

  • The business was closed when the carrier arrived
  • The invoice amount doesn't match your rate confirmation
  • The goods were damaged on arrival

Maintain Corporate Visibility

Every one of our products comes equipped with a dashboard or report gives you eyes into the back-end processes we automate. But we believe that full visibility means that your carriers, shippers and employees also need access to specific pieces of information, as well. That's why we also offer portals to allow:

  • Drivers to see their pay stubs
  • Carriers to monitor and verify payments
  • Shippers to access the trip packets for their trips
  • Employees to manage their internal files

Start Revolutionizing Your Business Processes Today.

Built from 30 years of experience in the trucking industry, our solutions are designed to save you time and money.

Learn more or get started with one of our trucking experts today. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more about our solutions.