Workflow [WHITE PAPER]

Eric S. Wubbena

Every business has its own set of processes. They can be three steps or 15, but the general concept is the same: to get necessary information from point A to point B with all the necessary checks and authorizations. Because companies are conducting more of their business online, they need a way for their processes to translate to their new online environment. Workflow automation is one way in which companies can make that transition. 

Evolution of Insurance Management

Evolution of Insurance Management [WHITE PAPER]

Eric S. Wubbena

The information management process has changed dramatically over the past 15 years. With the advances in technology, information management has become more efficient, accurate and secure. As technology continues to innovate and grow, we will see information management software suppliers grow alongside it.

PEO Onboarding

PEO Onboarding [WHITE PAPER]

Eric S. Wubbena

PEOs need a software solution that can provide a way to automate procedures to increase efficiency and accuracy. They must have instant access to manage client and employees packets, and have procedures in place to ensure packet completion and maintain transparency with their clients. Ideally, PEOs would have a way to provide all of this in a centralized location that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

PaperWise Invoice Processing [WHITE PAPER]

Eric S. Wubbena

Processing an invoice involves capturing key data, entering it into the proper financial systems and initiating approval processes. Many companies may start out with a process that perfectly meets all of their needs, but can’t scale with their business growth—at least not with the accuracy and efficiency their businesses need.

How to Back Up PaperWise [TECHNICAL WHITE PAPER]

PaperWise Support

The PaperWise components you can't afford to not back up... especially when you know a disaster is on its way.


Biz Blitz

September 28, 2017

This brand-new event has been developed with networking throughout the Springfield Region in mind. Biz Blitz is speed networking at its finest.


State of the Internet 2017 [Webinar]

Check out our webinar with guest speaker Chris Brewer, President and Co-Founder of Online Marketing Giant. It covers changes from Google in 2017, how online reputations impact your business and the benefits of e-commerce. 

What is Enterprise Content Management? [VIDEO]

The goal for businesses is to transform their data into structured data. This could mean capturing unstructured or semi-structured data at the first touchpoint, or finding ways to receive structured data through web forms, fillable PDFs and spreadsheets.


Interested in an enterprise content management or custom solution for your business? Check out what we've done for our clients!

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