PaperWise partners are an extension of our team. We work together to create solutions that allow our customers to work smarter.

92 percent of businesses trust recommendations from people they know.

PaperWise Value Partners introduce PaperWise to companies that are searching for either Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or workflow solutions and might benefit from PaperWise’s comprehensive offerings. Value Partners receive a referral fee of the first year’s monthly recurring revenue or a one-time payment.

Building a referral network is essential to the continuing growth and success of our business. We recognize the value of the products, services and expertise that you bring to joint solutions and customers.

This referral network provides a structure for Paperwise and companies like yours to work together on developing and delivering solution, enabling business advantages. Unlike a traditional partnership or value added partnership (VAR), we work closely with our partners to collaborate on marketing our solutions to bring a seamless team to market.

Value Partner Benefits:

  • Association with the leading provider of document management and ECM software.
  • The ability to “bundle” your specialized products and services around the PaperWise solution.
  • Exclusive access to information on PaperWise features, benefits and new product releases.
  • Access to co-branded marketing materials, whitepapers and webinars.

There’s no cost or ongoing requirement for PaperWise Value Partner status. In addition, PaperWise bears the cost of selling, closing, implementing and servicing companies you refer.

Being an Integration Partner with PaperWise begins with leveraging your market leading software solution with the added capabilities of workflow and document management. Teaming with Paperwise offers access to a broad range of planning, development, and marketing opportunities that accelerate business results.

Integration Partner Benefits:

  • Creating value for your customers
  • Create predictable and scalable monthly recurring revenue streams
  • Reduce risk for our mutual clients
  • Increase sales by promoting our joint solution to your existing customer base
  • Gain technical proficiency and learn how to position Paperwise with training from Paperwise University
  • Promote Paperwise solutions and extend our brand with market development for marketing activities

When you become an Integration Partner with Paperwise, you get more than a service or resource. You get a loyal partner who provides industry leadership, technical innovation and highly qualified sales expertise. We are committed to helping you take your business further, faster. 

Building strategic alliances is essential to the continuing growth and success of our business. We recognize the value of the products, services and expertise that you bring to the joint solutions and customers.

This partnership provides a structure for Paperwise and companies like yours to work together on developing and delivering integrated solutions that enable business advantages. Unlike a traditional partnership or VAR, we work closely with our partners to collaborate on integrating our solutions.

Paperwise is looking for an extension of our philosophy by adding value, reducing risk, driving MRR and simply doing what is right for our shared customers. 

As an Integration Partner, you will be required to provide a license key that is provided to each client. This license key will act as the registration key as well as the integration point for the integration module and is paid directly to the integration partner.

Offering the functionality of PaperWise within your industry-leading management system provides you the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead of the curve.

OEM partnerships are a critical component of PaperWise’s total routes-to-market strategy. Being a PaperWise OEM Partner gives you and your sales organizations access to exclusive sales, marketing and support resources.

As an OEM partner, PaperWise tools and products are embedded as an integrated component of your overall software design. PaperWise enables embedded OEMs in a variety of industries including professional employer organizations (PEO), insurance, transportation, property management, case management and accounting.

PaperWise works with you to validate design, align go-to-market strategies and provide access to roadmaps and early software releases.

Embedded OEM Partner Benefits:

  • Deliver document management and content related management tools with your solutions and sell them worldwide
  • Enable new business models using PaperWise solutions for hybrid cloud or on premise deployments
  • Decrease solution costs and time-to-revenue by leveraging the strength and breadth of PaperWise and the ONE by PaperWise platform.
  • Receive technical guidance on OEM solutions
  • Engage in regular roadmap reviews
  • Access free licenses for OEM solution development
  • Obtain operations resources to help manage your OEM relationship

Embedded OEM Partner Requirements:

  • Have a defined market and business plan on launching product
  • Embed and sublicense PaperWise products as part of the solution
  • Provide level one and two support
  • Provide periodic PaperWise product updates and upgrades to end users
  • Ensure that PaperWise Certified Professionals are on staff
  • Meet minimum royalty thresholds

Pricing is based on the partner's pricing model. If the partner prices their software as an enterprise license or MRR, we can tailor our pricing to match that model.

The Alliance Program is key to our success. With the assistance of our Alliance Partners, we have expanded our solution offerings to meet specific industry needs.


The PaperWise Alliance Program is dedicated to the success of our customers focusing on product development through integration of the PaperWise ONE ECM solution and a specific management system or software solution. Our goal is to continuously innovate on new solutions with select Integration partners to ensure the success and viability of our solution.

Alliance Program members bring knowledge and day to day operational expertise of a specific management system and the PaperWise solution.

We encourage active involvement by our Alliance members from the beginning, and include a dedicated PaperWise team engaged in the relationship. The result of this method is not only a worthwhile integration, but also a valuable component to establishing a true partnership.

In order to achieve such expertise, we are reaching out the select customers. Our goal is to develop a specific solution geared to a select vertical in the marketplace. Through cooperative efforts developed by PaperWise and its Technology Alliance Program partners, PaperWise has designed the program in a way that mutually benefits each participant.

Through this agreement, our goals are achieved through an iterative process:

  • Assess the relative merits of establishing an alliance partnership from both a competitive innovation and business analyst perspective.
  • Define compelling cooperation and determine the level of investment necessary for success across all relevant organizations.
  • Engage in technology development, as necessary, through the use of common APIs, SDKs, custom developed interfaces, custom packaging, and possibly cooperative development.
  • Define industry based workflows.
  • Assess the progress of the solution on a regular basis and decide the appropriate ongoing investment level as the solution matures in the market
  • Create a roadmap for future Versions and functionality

We believe that this relationship should be mutually beneficial. Our Alliance Program members will receive a scheduled discount on the PaperWise ONE product suite. The term of the agreement will be 1 year from acceptance. All benefits will be available throughout the term. Alliance members will be able to apply for extension at the end of the term

PaperWise enables you to create powerful, purpose-driven applications. We make our platform accessible and useful to developers.


PaperWise enables your development team to create powerful, purpose driven applications. A customer’s engineering team knows their company’s needs. Providing them with the tools to write powerful applications to support their mission is a value we offer. We make our platform accessible and useful to developers.

The PaperWise API is a versioned web service that allows you to access PaperWise ONE resources through a simple RESTful API. The API and web service will let you interact with ONE through simple HTTP urls and commands and responds to client requests using JSON. This makes it very easy to build powerful web applications using nothing but HTML and JavaScript.

The web service exposes the following services at differing levels depending on licensing:
• Authentication
• System Status
• Account Information
• Group and/or user maintenance
• Document Upload/Download
• Document Indexing
• Document Query – Full text or Indexed

Future services:
• Zero knowledge encryption/decryption
• Workflow processes
• Scheduled tasks – start/stop/pause/status

As a licensed shop, your developers will have access to a PaperWise sandbox environment for development and testing.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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