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Exploria is a timeshare resort with locations across the globe. They needed to replace their document management software for their HR, accounting and contracts departments because it required Exploria to have a full-time staff dedicated solely to manually scanning and indexing incoming information. The cost alone to maintain this full-time staff was a factor, but the inevitable delays in entering data caused inefficiencies throughout their business - specifically in the HR, accounting and contracts departments.



PaperWise ECM allowed Exploria to integrate with their management system, TimeShareWare, thereby eliminating the need for manual indexing. Because of the "Send To" function within the ECM software, Exploria was also able to send electronic data directly to their database - a feature not included in their previous DMS. These two features eliminated the delays caused by manually processing information. The reporting feature, which provides Exploria with a snapshot of completed, missing or incomplete documents, allowed their HR, accounting and contracts departments to run more efficiently.

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