Create custom and modifiable websites that house individual or client data that allow engagement.


CNTA - an intellectual property organization that is responsible for overseeing the certification process of professionals in homeland security, forensics, psychotherapy, and integrative medicine - required a responsive website so that members could access information and engage with others on their mobile device.  They also needed to replace an unsupported database.  With over 90,000 members, they were looking for a partner that could handle such a large membership. 



CNTA now has a mobile-responsive website that provides a space for members to interact with one another, manage their training and certifications and even sell their own materials. This new site is built on open-source technology with the support of the PaperWise team who will manage the sites upgrades. This custom-built member platform allows CNTA to grow and expand its customer base because updating and maintaining the new platform is substantially easier than with their former system.

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