Electronically capturing documents for billing and settlements processes allows you to send invoices and supporting documents to customers more efficiently.


Bay & Bay, a PaperWise ECM client, started using PaperWise ECM as a basic trip processing and rendition billing solution. Because they were growing so quickly, their manual processes for invoice generation were not able to handle all of their new clients at the level of service they were used to providing. Bay & Bay needed a solution that would allow them to capture and process documents remotely, so that invoices could be created and drivers could get paid as soon as possible.



At the initial implementation of PaperWise ECM, Bay & Bay crafted unique workflows specific for each individual and departmental process, one of which was their rendition billing procedure. This digitization of their workflow allowed for remote capturing of documents, which enabled employees at the home office to more quickly invoice clients and manage any disputes. Additionally, the ECM integrations to their other solution providers - TMW and Salesforce - has made importing, indexing and recalling documents easy to manage and process.

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