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OMG! Easy Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks

We were thrilled to host the State of the Internet 2017 webinar with guest speaker Chris Brewer, President of Online Marketing Giant. OMG is an online traffic and conversion agency that helps companies improve their online reputation and searchability. In this webinar, Brewer covered three main shifts that digital marketers should be mindful of in 2017.

Google is now “mobile first”

In the past Google used its bots to crawl desktop websites and record on-page links, in-site links, relevance of content, site speed, site structure and more. In January 2017 that changed. Google now crawls mobile websites first. It captures the same information, but with an emphasis on how your site performs on mobile devices. Keep in mind, mobile responsive does not mean mobile friendly. Be conscious of load times and links on your mobile site.

Online reputations can make or break your business

Your business reputation affects search engine results. The better your reputation, the more likely Google is to rank your website higher in the page list. Reviews are key to this reputation, not just to Google, but also to your prospects and target audience. According to a 2016 Bright local consumer survey, 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation, with 90 percent reading less than 10 reviews before forming an opinion. You can build reviews on many platforms, but Google reviews are more likely to influence your reputation.


Whether or not you believe you are an e-commerce business, you could benefit from putting it into practice. Nearly one-third of all purchases are influenced by the web in some way. Implementing e-commerce tactics allows you to control that influence. Start by asking yourself two questions: Could you reduce any sales friction by adding your products, services or resources for sale online? Do you offer online bill pay? Even if you think the answers to these questions are a resounding ‘no,’ you could still use gates and emails as a form of e-commerce.

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