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5 Eco-Friendly Changes to Make in Your Office This Year

For the past few years, more and more companies have been implementing green initiatives throughout their offices. The motivations behind these initiatives are always different, but the end goal is to soften their impact on the environment.

Going green doesn’t have to be an in-depth, time-consuming process. Rather, you can periodically make small changes. This has a better chance of increasing employee buy-in because you won’t be completely changing the way they work. They might not even notice some of the more subtle changes. Here are five tips to begin moving your company into greener pastures.

Change Your Cleaners

As scary as germs can be, especially when that bug is circling around your office, you don’t need toxic chemicals to keep it away. Green cleaners do just as well at killing germs around your office, and are better for you and the environment. It’s easy to switch out the products you use for greener solutions, but you should also encourage your cleaning company to do the same! If they won’t, maybe it’s time to look into the many other cleaning companies who will.

Make it Green

Adding plants to your office not only makes it seem less intimidating for visiting clients, but it also increases the quality and quantity of oxygen. Plants absorb the air pollution within your office, and filters out the unwanted pollutants. They also create cleaner oxygen, which has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue among employees.

Create Less Waste

The easiest way to protect the environment is to produce less of the things that hurt it. Set your printers to a double-sided default setting, so that employees don’t waste paper. Switch out the disposable cups, plates and cutlery with reusable alternatives. Use cloth towels in your kitchens and hand dryers in your bathrooms instead of paper towels. There are so many little ways that you can work to create less waste. Find what works for your business and stick with it!

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This might be the most common tip on the books. Put recycling bins in every office, not just next to the printers, and encourage employees to use them. Corporate buy in goes a long way in getting employees to participate in green initiatives. Beyond recycling used paper, you can also buy recycled paper. Recycled paper takes less energy overall to produce, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and particulates and increases the quality of wastewater from paper mills.

Go Digital

One way to significantly reduce your paper usage is to migrate your files to digital file cabinets. This keeps your files organized just as you had them physically, and it eliminates duplicate printing, minimizes risks for loss of information and allows you to send information electronically instead of printing mass files. You can also encourage employees to use task list apps for their daily to-dos instead of cluttering their desk with sticky notes.

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