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5 ways to go green in the office this summer

Leave a lighter ecological footprint and create a healthier, more productive place to work. Going green in the office can save you money. Here are our five tips on how you can be green in the summertime!

1. Print only when necessary

This applies to every season and is important! Ever show up to a meeting where the organizer has printed out copies for everyone and everyone else shows up with the same documents printed? Consider using a document management system, like Paperwise, so you can run your meetings or go through your work day in a more effective way.

2. Say goodbye to your screen saver

Get rid of your screen saver and set your settings to take your computer to sleep mode instead. A computer in sleep mode will save nearly 300 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

3. Incorporate a casual summer dress code

Setting a casual summer dress code means a higher comfort level. This can save on A/C costs – if everyone is in dense suits, the need to crank the air is more logical. Also, some research has shown that a relaxed dress code actually increases productivity.

4. Use natural light, if possible

Artificial lighting represents 40 percent of electricity consumption in a typical office building, an almost a quarter of all electricity in the US. Open the blinds and let daylight in wherever possible! And, of course, don’t leave the lights on at night while everyone is gone.

5. Go green…literally!

Make your office green with plants! They absorb airborne pollutants and emit healthy negative ions and oxygen into the air. And having green plants in the office also creates a more comfortable environment for everyone.

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