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The transportation industry is responsible for the transport and distribution of commercial and industrial goods using commercial motor vehicles (CMV). Developments in technology have driven innovation within this industry that has made the transport of essential goods more efficient and cost-effective. Recent developments such as global positioning system (GPS), electronic lo ...

I hear engage frequently used in business. Namely, the context of customer engagement. Forrester Consulting defines customer engagement as "creating deep connections with customers that drive purchase decisions, interaction, and participation, over time".

In the name of customer engagement, businesses set a course for customers by engaging them at multiple levels. It is complicated and costly. You can invest all of your time and money, but if the rest of your team is not on board, then your carefully crafted engagement plan will not work.

Going green doesn’t have to be an in-depth, time-consuming process. Rather, you can periodically make small changes. This has a better chance of increasing employee buy-in because you won’t be completely changing the way they work. They might not even notice some of the more subtle changes. Here are five tips to begin moving your company into greener pastures. 

Workflows are the steps you take every day to process business data. It is the routing and approving of information, so that your customers are taken care of, your employees are paid and your business runs smoothly. Many companies, though, have inconsistent or manual processes that limit their ability to grow and thrive in the business world. Workflow automation takes the work ...

Digital marketing has become so much more than just a buzz word. It’s a form of communication, a marketing principle and a cornerstone of many businesses. Most people define digital marketing as the marketing tactics that connect a company to its audience online.

In this webinar, Brewer covered three main shifts that digital marketers should be mindful of in 2017.

This year, Biz 417 hosted the first of its kind Think Summit, a place for innovators, entrepreneurs and thinkers to gather and have intelligent conversations about the local, regional and national climate we find ourselves in today.

Your 2017 goals are a way for you to take those reflections and turn them into action. When we at PaperWise sat down and reflected on 2016, we realized that the past year was full of inspiration. It drove us. It was the guiding force behind everything we did as a company and as individuals.

With the growing use of mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers, people are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis. Companies must quickly adapt to the shifts in the digital landscape as digital tactics slowly take over traditional marketing channels.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has finalized The Rule on Electronic Logging Devices. In short, soon all documentation and file transfers will be required to be done electronically. Check out the link below to learn more about the FMCSA's initiation standards. This means that customer data, driving times, engine hours, vehicle movement, miles driven and locatio ...