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about us.

We are a software company. We are creators, designers and engineers.

It's true. We're all of those. But we're also just people. We get frustrated by technology like everyone else. And, yes, sometimes we also feel the urge to take a hammer to a laptop. We get it. Sometimes technology sucks.

Where some people throw their computers when frustrated, we take it out on our keyboards. When we get frustrated with tech, we fix it. We build solutions for those irritating, everyday frustrations.

our mission.

There is no one right way to use tech. That's why we build people-centric software solutions for businesses across the U.S. We don't build software because we think you need it. We build software that's powered by your ideas and your needs. Because software only works the way you do.

contact us.

3171 E Sunshine
Springfield, MO 65804




why choose us?

With so many options at your fingertips, choice can sometimes be a dirty word. It's difficult to decide who to trust, especially when you can't always meet face to face.

We make the choice easy because we choose you. We believe in your ideas and your business.

You are the reason we create software. It's our drive to continually provide you with solutions that make your life easier that pushes us to innovate. It's your feedback, your frustrations and your concerns that fuel our desire to create new products. It's your trust in us that pushes us to find ways to deliver you your solutions quicker.

become a part of the team

Here we are more than just employees. We are a team. We work together to bring value to the people who've trusted us with their businesses. Think you can hack it? Check out our open positions.